Private Samuel Sharpe

Military General Service Medal 1793 – 1814 Clasp Nivelle

Samuel Sharp was born 19th August 1791 at Wadsworth, Nr. Doncaster and baptised 26th September 1791 at St John the Baptist, Wadsworth.

A servant, he enlisted for unlimited service and a Bounty £6/15/-d to the 2/84th Foot 27th September 1809 – 5’5 ½; fresh complexion; brown eyes; dark hair.

He did not serve in the Expiditon to the Scheldt, but joined the Depot at Bury St Edmond’s, before joining the Battalion in Ireland June 1810.

He would sail with the Battalion to Passages, Northern Spain, arriving August 1813. Here he would be involved at the crossing of the Biddasoa and would see action at Nivelle 11th November 1813 as a member of the Light Company, they were involved in the taking of Urrunge.

This was to be his last action in France, before returning to Ireland.

On disbandment of the Battalion, Sharp was retained as servant to Lieutenant Richard Cruise (See Officers profile). He was not involved as a guard on the convict ships to New South Wales. He would not have sailed as servant to the now Captain Cruise in August 1819 to New South Wales and New Zealand; as he did not return to England until after Sharp was discharged

Samuel Sharp was discharged with ‘chronic rheumatism’ on 17th April 1821 with a pension of 6d per diem

1st October 1860 he became an In Pensioner at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, where he died from Cirrhosis of the Liver on 26th November 1866, aged 74, being buried in a communal grave Brompton Cemetery

Of the 154 medals issued to the Battalion; his single Nivelle clasp was one of only five issued