Moss, Ralph

Ralph Moss a 17 year old Weaver from Manchester was recruited 16th March 1809 by Captain Jenkin’s recruiting party in Leeds District for a Bounty of £6/15/- he attested into the 2/84th at Halifax for unlimited service

Description 5’6, fresh complexion; round visage; grey eyes; brown hair.

On Musters from 25th April 1809 Captain Tonson’s 7th Company

Served Expedition to the Scheldt , 5th October 1809 he was treated for eleven days at Flushing General Hospital for the effects of the Walcheren Fever, before being returned to England aboard the Aurora Hospital Ship

Received Prize Money £-/18/6¾.

Over the next few years, he served with the Battalion in Ireland before they moved to the Peninsula

9th December 1813, whilst serving in Captain Lane’s Light Infantry Company he was killed in action before Bayonne.

Peninsula Prize money £-/18/5 paid to the agent Jonas.