Parkinson, Samuel

Although having never served overseas, he is of interest

Samuel Parkinson was born at Haverstock, West Riding of Yorkshire C.1788, a labourer, he arrived at Hull sometime during 1813, where he volunteered at the Depôt 2/84th Foot on the 13th December 1813 for unlimited service.

14th May 1814, whilst still at Hull, he deserted.

In July 1815 after all hostilities had ceased, other than the allies being the Army of Occupation in France; an amnesty was declared by the King, whereby all deserters could present themselves before a Magistrate, declare as a deserter, before being pardoned and returned to their Regiment

29th September 1815, Samuel Parkinson was returned to the Depôt of the 84th Foot; the 2nd Battalion had returned for service in Ireland, whilst the 1st Battalion was still serving in India.

He would remain with the Depôt until notice of disbandment was issued to the 2/84th.

15th Novemeber 1817 he was discharged as “Unfit for Service” and would return to Haverstock, where he continued to live, working as an agricultural labourer

Samual Parkinson died in 1860 aged 72