Hindle, James

James Hindle a 15 year old boy from Harewood, Blackburn, was recruited November 1809 at Halifax to the 2/84th.

He joined the Battalion Headquarters at Ipswich 24th February 1810, where they were based for recovery following the debacle of the ‘Walcheren Campaign’

25th July 1810, he moved with the battalion to Ireland.

1th January 1811, he was one of several men to be transferred from the 2nd to 1st Battalion who were at the time serving in India.

10th November 1811, The detachment including James Hindle arrived Tellicherry (Thalaserry, Kerala) India. James was immeadiately placed on the sick list

25th January 1812, he joined Captain Dale’s Company at Bangalore

1819 with the Battalion when they returned to home shores.

31st July 1820 Married Hannah Heap at St. James, Altham

May 1831, he made petition for land in Canada, which was granted four years later  in 1835

His relatives still live in Canada to this date