Rodgers, Charles

Charles Rodgers an 18 year old labourer from Dundalk, Co. Louth, volunteered from the Louth Militia into the 2nd Battalion 84th Foot on the 10th February 1810 at Clonmell, Ireland’

Described as 5’6″; Dark complexion; black eyes; black hair

He served in the 4th Company during the Peninsula Campaign and was wounded in the thigh

His Prize money £1/14/3½ was  paid 31st May 1816 to the Agents Donaldson’s

Discharged 21st November 1821 due to disease of the chest, general ill health and repeated bouts of pneumonia contracted on service

Emigrated as a Commuted Pensioner to Upper Canada – Shown on records 26th November 1838- to Upper Canada as army pensioner.

A General  Order 6th December 1814 under instruction from the Prince Regent, granted Crown land in Upper Canada to disbanded soldiers:- Each soldier is to be allowed one hundred acres of land from the Superintendent; who has to be satisfied that the person is as described, character and to be a useful settler

28th February 1839 Charles Rodgers appeared on the list of Commuted Pensioners (415) applying for relief. This was given to soldiers who were destitute and unable to obtain employment or earn sufficient to survive. The treasury ordered relief to be food and clothing as needed and not to exceed two-thirds of an ordinary soldiers rations and; without wine or spirits. Half rations for wives; third rations for children under 14 for who employment cannot be found; and a quarter for children under 14.