Bentley, John

Age 17 from Bradford, enlisted at Halifax for unlimited service on 22nd August 1799 as a drummer, a position he held for 6 1/2 years before being promoted corporal.

The battalion descriptive book shows his age at 15 years

25th March 1808, he appeared as a corporal on the Muster Roll for the battalion serving in the Leeds recruiting area at Huddersfield with his brother, sergeant Joseph Bentley.

24th April 1808 he was promoted sergeant and served in recruiting Leeds district

25th June 1809, John was serving in the Nottingham district, Joseph in Leeds and James at the Manchester districts.

Like his two brothers throughout the Napoleonic wars he remained in England recruiting

17th February 1816, returned to the battalion in Ireland together with his two brothers.

12th December 1817 appeared before a discharge board age 35, 5’8; brown hair, grey eyes, fresh complexion – described Good –Reduction of the battalion and impaired vision of the right eye due to Opthalmia – Is not totally unfit for further service.

31st December 1817 served half service as an out-pensioner with a pension of 1/-

22nd November 1819 he served as a sergeant in 4th Royal Veteran Battalion before being discharged 31st May 1821.

31st May 1821 again half service as an out-pensioner

2nd April 1822 he attested into Recruiting Staff at Edinburgh from out-pensioner  as a sergeant and served until 20th July 1824 when he was discharged Length of service and Worn out

He received no marching money as it was his intention to reside in Edinburgh – He eventually moved back to England and settled in Sheffield with his rather large famiy

3rd May 1856 John Bentley died at Sheffield Vol. 9c page 206 at which time his pension had increased to 1/10d