Lister, Samuel

Samuel Lister was born 1793, the son of Jeremiah and Rebecca – he was baptised at St John’s Church, Halifax 26th June 1793.

Being the third child and second born son, the eldest John died 1789 age 7 weeks. The eldest child then being Anne born 1791, who later inherited Shibden Hall, Halifax from her uncle James

Anne gained notoriety for her Journals and open lesbianism and later portrayed in Sally Wainwrights BBC adaptation Gentleman Jack

Samuel’s ensigncy into the 2/84th was purchased for £400 and gazetted 29th August 1812. He maintained a personal journal covering his travelling to Liverpool and going to join the battalion in Ireland.

19th June 1813, whilst swimming in the Blackwater, Fermoy, Samuel Lister drowned


On the 19th ult at Fermoy, Samuel Lister Esq of the 84th regiment, age 20, and only son of Jeremy Lister, Esq of Halifax. The melancholy accident which cut off, in the prime of life, this truly excellent young man, must ever stamp his loss with humble grace upon the hearts of his disconsolate family and … friends. he went out with some of his brother officers, to bathe in the Blackwater. Hardly had he plunged in, before the current forced him from his depth. His friends saw him sink, beyond the power of assistance. And Oh! he sunk to raise no more. Though every exertion was immediately made, the body was not found till it had been two hours under water. All means to restore life proved ineffectual – his sainted spirit had escaped forever. He had left all those that knew him to lament and say “He was the best of sons, of brothers, and of friends” and lasting tribute is all the worthy tribute they can pay.