Jervis, Humphrey Jervis White

Ensign Humphrey Jervis (full surname Jervis White Jervis) was the second son of Sir John Jervis White Jervis (Baronet) and Jane Nesbitt of Bally Ellis, Co. Wexford – Baronet of Ireland created 10th November 1797 and extinct 18th September 1947

The title was created after Sir John raised and equipped a Corps of volunteers in Ireland 1796, at his own expense – 1803 he raised a further corps Somerset Volunteer Riflemen

Family Motto – Venale nec auro – Not to be bought by Gold

Brothers of Humphrey:- John Jervis-White-Jervis; Sir Henry Meredyth Jervis-White-Jervis and Thomas Jervis-White-Jervis

19th December 1811 Gentleman Cadet Humphrey Jervis of the Royal Military College was appointed Ensign to 2/84th and would join the battalion serving in Ireland, before sailing with the battalion to the Peninsula Campaign

Severely Wounded 9th December 1813 at battle of Nive and would later die from his injuries

London Courier & Evening Gazette 4th January 1814:-

Died at Bidart 10th December in consequence of a severe wound in the leg (with after amputation), received while accompanying his Regiment in a charge made upon the enemy in the action of the 9th under Lord Wellington near Bayonne. Ensign Humphrey Jervis of the 2nd battalion 84th Regiment and 2nd son of Sir John J.W. Jervis Bt. ; a young officer of the greatest promise, admired and beloved by all who knew him; in whom the service has lost a most valuable young officer, whilst his parents are left truly inconsolable 

The last entry for him on the Muster Roll shows 10th December 1813

However George Raikes – Roll of the officers of the York and Lancaster regiment. The Second Battalion. and the London Gazette both show that Humphrey Jervis was Promoted Lieutenant 24th February 1814 viz Robinson (Deceased)

The Army List for 1814 shows Ensign Humphrey Jervis ‘Discharged Died of his wounds’ which has a line through the entry and on the Lieutenant list there is an annotation that he was promoted Lieutenant and this is also struck-out and shows Discharged Died of his wounds

Raikes also has him listed as “Died March 1814”