Inglis, John

John Inglis a gent was appointed Assistant Surgeon to the 2/84th battalion 14th April 1812 viz Gramlick of the 1st battalion who died  at sea 19th February 1811 returning from India

Men were appointed during the Peninsula war who had little or no medical qualification other than a perhaps a diploma or certificate from a medical school

The medical services in the Peninsula war consisted of Hospital staff and Regimental staff. The regiment staff would be a surgeon, perhaps two assistants, a couple of NCO’s, soldiers wives and lightly injured soldiers – The assistant surgeon would change bandages, prescribe drugs and carry out minor surgery

On the morning 3rd November 1812 at Fermoy, John Inglis was involved in a duel with an unnamed officer on detachment from the 61st Foot – the outcome being the detached officer was wounded in the thigh. (Documented in the journal of Ensign Samuel Lister)

4th November 1812 the Brigade Major-General attended the camp of the 2/84th to make inquiry as to the reason behind the duel, as a consequence Inglis was placed under house arrest and his unnamed second confined to barracks.

The outcome was possibly light as Inglis was allowed to continue in his role as assistant surgeon to the battalion and sailed with them in July 1813 to the Spanish Peninsula

The battalion medical staff travelling to the peninsula being Surgeon Lloyd and assistants John Bell and John Inglis

Inglis was soon to succumb to the fever affecting the health of the battalion and died 7th December 1813