Bernard, John Warren

John Warren Bernard was born 11th July 1788 at Castle Warren, County Cork.

He married Eliza Bustad 26th  April 1805 at St Finstans, Cork. Officiated by Rev. Edward Stopford.

27th November 1806  to Ensign 84th Foot without purchase

14th April 1808 to Lieutenant without purchase

15th December 1808 his daughter Mary was born and baptised in Hull

28th July 1813 with the 2/84th to Peninsula, where he saw action 7th October 1813 at the crossing of the Bidossa; 11th November 1813 crossing of the Nivelle and 9th – 11th December 1813 before Bayonne (Nive).

9th September 1814 left France.

9th February 1817 his son Arthur was born and baptised Moat Ireland.

7th April 1825 to Captain without purchase

27th March 1827 to 2nd October 1828 served with 1/84th in West Indies.

17th January 1835 to Major without purchase

28th December 1838 Retired