Military Convicts Under Escort

Coromandel 27th October 1819
Greaves Henry Norman Life Newfoundland
McLean Neil Life Barbados
Rogers John Life Newfoundland
Taylor George 7 Years Portsmouth
Weir William Life Nova Scotia
Dromedary 11th September 1819
McCurdy Alexander 7 Years Blandecques, France 11th Light Dragoons
McGahan Patrick Life Cambray, France H’ Troop Royal Artilery Drivers served Waterloo
Donoghue Jeremiah 7 Years Gibraltar
Hedderley Thomas Daniel 7 Years Portsmouth Royal Marine Gunner – Desertion
McEachen Ronald 7 Years Domarary
Welsh John 7 Years Gibraltar
Earl St Vincent 9th August 1818
General Stewart 19th July 1818
Booth William 7 Years Woolwich
Curtain Richard Life St Kitt’s
Fitzsimmonds James Life St Kitt’s
Hillard James Life St Kitt’s
Sheppard Nathaniel 14 Years Corfu 32nd Foot, served at Waterloo
Walker Thomas Life St Kitt’s
Morley 18th July 1818
Shipley 18th July 1818
Surrey 29th September 1818
Dixon James 7 Years Blendesques, France
Hill Thomas 7 Years Guines, France
Mayberry William 7 Years Guines, France Born 1799 and Iron Founder from Sheffield prior to joining army
Tyne 16th July 1818