The year started with the 2nd Battalion H.Q moving from Kilkenny to Dublin with detachments still serving in Ireland, the Depot Company being at Ripon, Yorkshire.

Heavy recruiting was still being undertaken and men were also transferred to the 1st Battalion serving in India – Volunteers also joined in the May quarter from the Monaghan, Kilkenny ,Limerick City, Roscommon, Royal Meath and Wexford Militia’s.

6th April; a payment was made of £117/15/- for alteration to 942 suits of clothing (uniform)

In May a number of men joined the battalion from the Depot at Ripon

July £62/5/9d was paid to equip 51 Corporals and 744 Privates with articles for cleaning Arms at an annual allowance of 2/9d (13¾p) per man. This consisted of Brushes, pickers, turn-screws, worms, oil, emery and brick dust

November 17th an Escort Party under Lieutenant Peach and Sergeant Bollard, comprising  Corporal Benson and seveteen men took Deserters from Dublin to Chester

During this Quarter Muster the Regimental Depot moved from Ripon to Hull