The 1st Battalion meanwhile were transported on the Frigate Doris and troopships Eugenia, Mary, Mohollah under convoy of Admiral Drury in September from their station at Bombay (Mumbia) to Isle de Bourbon (Reunion) in preparation for the seizing of Isle de France (Mauritius) under the Commander in Chief Sir John Abercromby

They arrived at Isle de Bourbon on 22nd October 1810 as part of the Reserve Brigade under Lieutenant-Colonel Keating. They were joined by the Madras Army 6th November 1810 and the Bengal Army 21st November 1810.

The whole Navy with Army anchored in Grand Bay at the northern extremity of Mauritius on the 29th November 1810, when, the same afternoon the army was landed consisting five brigades and a reserve.

The landing was secured by the fifth brigade, who held the point for the landing of stores and ammunition the following day. The remaining army led by the reserve brigade moved along the coast for five miles before setting camp. During this march the reserve were fired upon when emerging from a wood

The army pushed on the following day, but due to the intense heat stopped six miles from Port Louis

1st December the army moved at 5 am to the River Tombeau, which was held by 300 enemy and two field pieces. The enemy were soon driven back and the army crossed the river. They advanced to the River Seche, where again they were challenged and lost 100 men before crossing and pursuing the enemy to the River Lataniers, near where the troops camped for the night

2nd December 1810 the enemy capitulated, the surrender being ratified 3rd December 1810

Total Loss to the army – 28 killed, 94 wounded, 45 missing. – Loss to 1/84th was 9 rank and file killed. Lieutenant Jones slightly wounded, 1 serjeant, 1 drummer and 19 rank and file wounded

In January 1811 the majority of the 1/84th returned from Isle De France to India on board Charlotte, Coromandell, Mohollah

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