The year started with 199 men being either hospitalised at Colchester, Deal, Ipswich, Norwich General Infirmaries, on board the hospital ship Aurora or convalescing in Dover.

20th June the Battalion embarked at Harwich for Cobh of Cork on board the transport ships Brothus, Nile & Thitis disembarking 26th July and going to barracks at Fermoy

12th September:- 244 men to Kilkenny

13th September:- 158 men to Castlecomer

14th September:- 252 men to Kilkenny

15th September:- 170 men to Kilkenny

18th September:- 14 men to Clonmell

During October a further 58 men were sent to Clonmell from Kilkenny

During November 7 men were sent from Kilkenny to Waterford & 14 to Carlow